How to Increase Breast Milk

Before moving on to, how to increase breast milk, you have to confirm that is the supply of your breast milk is really low? Most mothers think that the supply of their breast milk is low, when in reality it isn’t. With only the breast milk alone if your baby is gaining weight well then you does not have a problem with the supply of breast milk. It’s important to note for all mothers who are nursing that the feel of the breast, the frequency of nursing, the behavior of your baby, the amount you pump or the sensation of let-down are not actually the valid ways on the basis of which you determine if you have enough milk for your baby. If you are not sure about the current weight gain of your baby then you may also predict from your baby’s adequate number of dirty or wet diapers.

What to do if you suspect the breast milk supply?

If you are concerned with the supply of your breast milk, then it is helpful for you to concern and to get in touch with a board certified lactation consultant or with a trained breastfeeding counselor. You may face the problem of low milk supply when your baby is losing weight or not gaining weight than in this case you need to keep in contact with a good doctor who guide you well. Those who worry about how to increase the breast milk than for these mothers supplements to boost breast milk is a good option as it may be medically necessary for the babies who are losing their weight because of the low milk supply. In this case, if the supplementing is medically necessary for you then the best thing is that you supplement your baby with your own pumped milk.

How to Increase Breast Milk Supply?

As all nursing mothers know well that the production of milk is a demand and supply process so if you want to increase the supply of your breast milk it’s important to understand well the process of how milk is made. By understanding this process, it becomes easy for you to do the right things to increase the production of milk. Remove more milk from the breast and doing this frequently is the key to speed up the production of milk and to increase the overall supply of breast milk. This will allow less milk to accumulate in the breast between feeding.

Here are few things or tips that help you how to increase breast milk:

  • First of all, you have to make sure that baby is nursing efficiently. This is actually the “remove more milk” part of increasing the production of milk. A mother’s milk supply decreases when the milk is not effectively removed from the breast. Baby is probably not efficiently transferring the milk if the positioning and latch are “off”. Use of nipple shields, a sleepy baby or various anatomical or health problems in the baby can also interfere with the ability of the baby to transfer milk efficiently. For a baby who is not efficiently nursing and trying to adequate the empty milk from the breast is just like trying through a drinking straw to empty a swimming pool as it can take forever. In order to maintain the supply of breast milk, it is important for the moms to express milk between and after nursing’s while the problems of breastfeeding are being addressed.
  • Try to nurse your baby frequently and also for as long as your baby is nursing actively. Remember if you are wondering how to increase breast milk than frequently nursing your baby as you have to remove more milk from the breast. If you baby is having a problem of weight gain, during a day aim to nurse your baby at least after every 1.5 to 2 hours and at least after every three hours at night.
  • Also, take a nursing vacation which means for 2 to 3 days take your baby to the bed with you and do nothing but to nurse frequently and rest well.
  • At each feeding offers both sides and let your baby finish the first side then after that offers the second side.
  • Switch nurse, it means switch sides to 3 or more times during every feeding, switches to “comfort” sucking or loses interest every time when your baby falls asleep. In per feeding, use each side of the breast at least twice. To keep your baby feeding longer, use breast compression as this can be helpful for the distractible and sleepy babies.
  • Avoid bottles and pacifiers as much as possible for you. All the sucking needs of the baby should be met at the breast so if medically a temporary supplement is required it can be given by a spoon, dropper or cup or with a nursing supplement.
  • Avoid all solids, formula or water and only give your baby breast milk if your baby is younger than six months and if the baby is older consider decreasing solids. Per day if you are using more than a few ounces of formula, to challenge your breast to produce more milk wean from the supplements gradually.
  • All the mothers who are nursing should take extra care of their self also. Rest and sleep well when your baby sleeps. Drink more water and eat and well-balanced diet.
  • After and between the nursing sessions, consider pumping which means to add pumping sessions as it can be very helpful especially for those mothers who are wondering how to increase breast milk. When your baby is not nursing efficiently than pumping is very important as it can help you to speed things up in all situations. In the process of pumping your aim is to remove more milk from the breast and to also increase the frequency of breast emptying. To increase the supply of breast milk when pumping, ensure that pump can remove an optimum amount of milk from your breast. Keep pumping for at least two to five minutes until the last drops of milk is pump out. However, adding short sessions of pumping will also helpful to increase the supply of breast milk.

Some foods that help you how to increase the Breast Milk Production:

A healthy and balanced diet is also helpful for nursing mothers that can increase the production of breast milk. Remember that all these foods are only used a part of balanced diet not take them as natural or herbal supplement without consulting your doctor.

Some healthy foods that help you for the breast milk production include fenugreek seeds, fennel seeds, garlic, green leafy vegetables, cumin seeds, sesame seeds, Holy basil, Dill Seeds, Gourd Vegetables, lentils or pulses, dried fruits or nuts, and porridge or oats. These all are some healthy foods that are considered to be beneficial for nursing mothers as these can help them to increase the production of breast milk.

Is the Breast Massage is helpful for the production of breast milk?

No, the breast massage is not helpful for the production of breast milk in order to increase the supply of breast milk. But it can be helpful to loosen the lumps or hardened areas, to open the blocked ducts and also to reduce the risk of mastitis. For the breast massage, very gentle strokes should be used as the vigorous massage will damage the ducts that lead the milk to come out of your breast. If you want a breast massage, then it is the best way to do yourself as you know better how much pressure to apply.

Potential causes that can lower the supply of breast milk:

Some major reasons that become the cause of low breast milk which every mother should avoid are:

  • Offering only one breast per feeding is not well. Its fine in the case when you have well-established milk supply and you baby is gaining weight well but not in the case when you are already worried how to increase breast milk. It is healthy for nursing mothers who wanted to increase the supply of breast milk to let their baby finish the side then offer the second one.
  • The anatomical or healthy issues with a baby can prevent baby from removing the breast milk adequately which can also cause low milk supply.

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