36 Ways to Increase Breast Milk

In order to understand the ways to increase breast milk supply it is more important to know for all nursing mothers that how the process of milk production can actually work. You may hear that the production of breast milk is based on the process of supply and demand, but initially the production of breast milk supply isn’t based on supply and demand. After you give a birth, the hormones present in your body automatically starts the production of milk. At this time period when your body starts the production of milk, your body doesn’t know exactly that how much milk your baby will exactly need so for all nursing mothers this is the best time to establish a good milk production.

After some time when you continuously start feeding your baby, your body eventually learns that how much milk to produce according to the baby’s need but the production of milk is based on the removal of milk from your breast. In this way, full breasts can signal your body to make or produce less milk. Frequently emptying the breasts especially during the early stages of nursing will help ensure that you have a good production of breast milk supply. Some mothers are worried and finding ways to increase breast milk and for these mothers there are some ways that will help them in boosting their breast milk supply. You can also find solutions related to low milk supply from boostbreastmilk. Some of the ways to increase breast milk are:

  1. If you want to increase the supply of your breast milk then breastfeed your baby frequently. For boosting the milk supply, frequent breastfeeding is the number one and effective key for all nursing mothers.
  2. When you breastfeed your baby offer both sides during each feeding.
  3. Make sure that you baby for as long as he can and also nurse long enough to empty your breast when the baby nurses.
  4. Try to not schedule the feeding of your baby. For breastfeeding, it’s healthy to follow your baby’s hunger cues.
  5. One of the healthy ways to increase breast milk is to allow your baby to cluster feed. Cluster feeding is when during a short period of time a baby breastfeeds several times. Most of the babies can cluster feed in the evening when they are going to sleep.
  6. While you’re breastfeeding your baby tries switch nursing. Firstly nurse on one breast but when the baby gets tired of nursing then switches to the second breast and continue the process of switching breasts until the baby will no longer suck or both breasts become empty.
  7. When you nurse your baby use breast compression. The process of breast compression involves the massage of the breast which can squeeze extra milk out as your baby feeds.
  8. If you want to increase your breast milk then breastfeed also at night because the night feeding is great for boosting the supply of breast milk.
  9. After nursing, always pump your breast because pumping after nursing the baby will empty the breast. You can try pumping before you feed the baby if you find that you are not pumping anything after breastfeeding. As compared to pump, babies are more efficient at emptying the breast so this may work for some nursing mothers.
  10. If your baby is not gaining weight and you think that the supply of your breast milk is low then see a lactation consultant for help.
  11. Before consulting any lactation specialist make sure that your baby is latching on well. To get your baby latch on well try more than one technique.
  12. Get a healthy support from other breastfeeding mothers. You can ask for help if your friend, mom or grandmother breastfed as they also give your some good advice or tells you about some ways to increase breast milk.
  13. One of the best ways to increase breast milk production or supply is to pump your breast while nursing. A nurse from one side and pump on the other one and then switch the sides. Now let the baby finish that breast which you pumped.
  14. For all nursing mothers, it’s a healthy and important tip to get lots of skin to skin contact with your baby.
  15. Try to breastfeed you baby in bed. Lying down in the bed allow the baby to nurse for longer periods of time also helps you to relax when you are nursing your baby.
  16. At night, don’t sleep on your stomach as it can hinder the supply of your milk and compresses your breast.
  17. Even if you don’t hear the swallowing of your baby, let the baby nurse comfortably.
  18. When you breastfeed your baby try babywearing and also carry your baby in a sling. You may also try to nurse the baby in a sling.
  19. If you want to increase your breast milk supply and finding the ways to increase breast milk then avoid artificial nipples and pacifiers as they are unhealthy for the baby.
  20. When you are breastfeeding your baby then avoid taking birth control pills if possible.
  21. During the whole time period of your nursing do not smoke.
  22. It’s healthy to drink lots of water especially right before when you breastfeed your baby.
  23. Limit the intake of caffeine you drink if you want to increase the supply of your breast milk.
  24. When you feed your baby try to relax and not rush.
  25. You can also use milk boosting supplements in order to increase the supply of your milk. If you want healthy and effective milk boosting supplements then you can visit boostbreastmilk for the healthy milk boosting supplement.
  26. In your nursing time period eat healthy diet and do not try to do dieting. In your diet, increase the amount of protein as the intake of protein can help to increase breast milk.
  27. Consider using a lactation aid or supplemental nursing system if your baby needs to supplement so that while you supplement your baby can nurse at the breast.
  28. All the nursing mothers should take nursing vacations so that you can spend a weekend in your bed with the baby and nurse your baby as much as possible.
  29. Take blessed thistle or fenugreek as both herbs have been used to improve the production of breast milk.
  30. During the nursing, time period tries drinking mother’s milk tea. At most of the health stores, mother’s milk tea can be found.
  31. In your nursing time period do not diet as it is unhealthy not only for you but also for your baby’s health.
  32. Eat a bowl of oatmeal daily as some mothers believe that it can help to increase the production of breast milk.
  33. Like raglan or other medicines, talk to your doctor about the prescription medication to boost the supply of your breast milk. You can also take a sneak peak of boostbreastmilk for the medications that you can take for increasing milk production.
  34. Usage of some drugs also affects breastfeeding and commonly used drugs are antihistamines and decongestants as they contain estrogen which can cut your milk supply. So, avoid all antihistamines and decongestants as these are unhealthy and also decrease the supply of breast milk. Some weight loss medication can also lower the supply of your breast milk, so consult your doctor for other alternatives.
  35. Always remember that the whole amount of breast milk that your baby can get from you is good for the health of your baby.
  36. Breast massage is also healthy for the nursing mothers as it can help to boost the fat content and volume of your breast milk. It is one of the healthy ways to increase breast milk. When you nurse your baby then continuously massage your breast from near the chest and then moving on little further towards the nipple and after that wait for few minutes so that baby can take a couple of swallows.

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