Breast Milk Production Increase

It’s important for all nursing mothers who think that their production of milk is low to assess that their milk supply is really low or not? Sometimes nursing mothers perceive their baby behavior as an inadequate milk supply or normal breastfeeding patterns. If the mothers determine that their breast milk supply is really low then immediately consult with a lactation consultant and determine why you are facing the cause of low milk supply so that she can give you some healthy tips for the breast milk production increase.

If you determine that the supply of your breast milk is really low then there are several positive steps that you can make for the breast milk production increase. If possible for you, perhaps a weekend, plan to set aside a few days to spend doing little else but working to increase the production of your breast milk. Following are the steps given below and by following these steps most of the nursing mothers notice an increase in their breast milk supply within 24-72 hours.

Follow the following steps if you are pumping and also find it hard to keep up your baby’s milk needs, although when your baby nurses he seems fine. You can also get help related to low milk supply and find more ways to increase the supply or production of breast milk from boostbreastmilk. By following these tips to breast milk production increase are:

  • Pump or nurse your baby frequently. If your are facing low milk supply then try to plan to nurse your baby after every 1 ½ to 2 hours during the whole day and at night at least after every three hours even if your baby is already sleeping. From the beginning of one to the beginning of another, time your feedings. This is preferable to pumping if your baby is available to nurse as the baby will better stimulate your breasts to produce or increase the milk supply.
  • Until your baby pulls off himself and goes to sleep allow the baby to nurse on each side.
  • At each and every feeding, offer both breasts to your baby.
  • As nursing is preferable, if your baby cannot nurse directly at the breast then use for the double pumping use a hospital grade electric pumps such as a pump in style or the Lactina. To increase the prolactin levels, double pumping is necessary as prolactin is a hormone that stimulates the breast milk production. In per session, pump for 10 to 15 minutes. At increasing supply, longer sessions have not been proven to be beneficial anymore.
  • Along with nursing’s, during a day you may want to add two or more pumping sessions sometime. After the baby has finished nursing, you may also want to add few extra 5 to 10 minutes of pumping.
  • At the breast, allow the baby to meet all of his needs of sucking. During this time avoid the use of any pacifiers or bottles. To stimulate the breast milk production increase, your baby needs to suck ensures that he spends a proper time at the breasts.
  • Avoid all type of supplementing like formula, water, juice and solid foods. By adding these, your baby will nurse less often and in this way you can get less stimulation. By counting the wet diapers and bowel movements of your baby, you can be sure that your baby is getting enough breast milk.
  • For some medical reasons, if your baby requires a supplement then consider using a nursing supplement at your breast so that you can easily continue to receive the crucial stimulation of baby.
  • Snack often on foods are rich in calcium and proteins.
  • To satisfy your thirst, drink enough water. Forcing other fluids to drink is not necessary and these may have the opposite effect.
  • In the nursing time period, rest as much as you can as it came healthy and beneficial for breast milk production increase. For the nursing time period, consider taking your baby to the bed with you and rest. The close skin to skin contact of baby and mother may encourage the baby to nurse more often and the rest will benefit the mother.
  • In order to breast milk production increase, some mothers prefer Boost – Breast Milk Enhancer and Lactation supplement as these supplements help to increase the production of daily breast milk up to 86% and mothers can experience its effective results in as little as 24/72 hours. The effective and quick results of Boost – breast milk enhancer and lactation supplement is clinically proven. These supplements are also safe and effective because they are made from all natural herbs. Te healthy ingredients of Boost milk enhancer supplement contains milk thistle (seeds) extract, silymarin marianum, artichoke leaves, fenugreek seeds, 80% of silymarin, basil leaf, alfalfa leaf and other ingredients include magnesium stearate and gelatin. It is recommended to take one capsule of 100% natural milk boosting supplement daily. One bottle of this supplement contains 30 capsules. This boost milk enhancer is different from other milk enhancers and they cannot available in the markets. You can only get these capsules from its official website and to order these supplements you can visit boostbreastmilk.
  • Some mothers found that an herb like fenugreek is helpful for the breast milk production increase. The intake of Fenugreek herb, when combined with the increased frequency of pumping or nursing, can give better results in the production of breast milk. At your local health food store or nutrition store, you can easily find this herb. The recommended dosage to take this herb is 2 to 4 capsules 3 times a day. After using this herb just 2 to 3 days, most of the nursing mothers notice an increase in the supply of breast milk. This herb is safe for you and your baby. As fenugreek is used to give artificial maple syrup its odor so while taking this herb you also notice that your urine and perspiration smell like a maple syrup. Your symptoms may become different or worse with the fenugreek if you suffer from asthma. If some mothers take the higher dosage of fenugreek herd than the recommended one then it may result in hypoglycemia. Mothers should not use fenugreek in their pregnancy as it may cause uterine contractions. Other healthy herbs that are best for breast milk production increase are alfalfa and blessed thistle. Some nursing mothers also believe that a combination of herbs seems to work even better and effectively than the one herb alone. If you choose herbs for the production of breast milk supply so you may the combination of fenugreek, alfalfa and blessed thistle.
  • If all the above-mentioned measures do not increase the production of your breast milk then you can ask your doctor about Reglan. It is a prescription drug that is only available in the US and sometimes prescribed for breast milk production increase. It should not be used for a longer time period, not more than 2 to 4 weeks as it gives its most effective results at doses of 5 to 10mg 3 times a day. Reglan has some side effects of mood swings and depression that is why it should be avoided.
  • One of the best way to naturally increase the production of breast milk is nurse your baby very often and to increase the demand. You should breastfeed your baby after every two to three hours around the clock in the first few weeks after your baby is born. You should wake your baby up if more than 3 and half hours have passed since the last breastfeeding.
  • Use the technique of breast compression for breast milk production increase as this technique helps to drain the milk from your breast and encourage your sleepy baby to keep sucking at the breast by improving the let-down response through breast compression technique. To foster a natural increase in the supply of breast milk, these actions will be helpful.
  • During the breastfeeding stimulate the skin to skin contact with your baby by practice undressing your baby. While the baby breastfeeds undress your baby as it may help your baby to keep awake and feed for a long time. Drape a blanket over the back of your baby and ensure that your baby doesn’t get cold and then undress your baby down to his diaper. Wear a loose shirt and take off your bra, make sure your shirt can be unbuttoned on the front so that it becomes easy to promote skin to skin contact with your baby.

These are some healthy ways or tips that allow breast milk production increase. You can easily follow these tips if you want to increase the production of your breast milk supply. You can also visit boostbreastmilk if you wanted to increase the production of milk supply. You can also get detailed information about the boost milk enhancer supplements from the website and how it works.