How to increase breast milk flow

Before we move ahead and read about how to increase breast milk flow, first it is important to know that whether your milk supply is really low or it’s just your assumption. Mostly new mothers start to believe that their milk supply is low but in reality nothing is like that. The best way to know about it is by judging your child. If your child is gaining weight with just breast milk then you don’t have any sort of problem with your breast milk production.

If you think that judging the following to judge that you are producing low milk:

  • Breast feel
  • Behavior of your child
  • Nursing frequency
  • Let down sensation
  • Number of times you pump

Then let us tell you that if you think that it is the best way to find out that you are producing low milk then you are wrong. But still if you feel that you are having low milk supply then how to increase breast milk flow?

Who to contact in case of low milk supply?

If you are worried about your low milk supply, if will be helpful to consult a breastfeeding counselor or a lactation consultant. If your child is not gaining weight, it is necessary that you are always in contact with her. There are chances that there are some medical problems due to which your child is not gaining weight. There are various home remedies as well as supplements that you can use until your low milk supply problem is resolved.

Factors that Cause low milk supply:

Here are some potential factors that can cause low milk supple and can put you in a situation where you have to think on how to increase breast milk flow:

  • Not having enough simulation: A sleepy baby may not be able to empty your breasts properly. Even a baby who nurses often may not be able to give you your desired simulation.
  • Separation from the baby: staying away from the baby and not nursing can interfere in the supply and demand of the milk production.
  • Returning to work: most of the women have issues with the milk production when they return to their work. The pressure and stress they get from the work and staying away from the baby for a long period of time effects milk production.
  • If you are not feeling well: while you are sick or are under stress, your body might not produce the desired amount of milk. Your sickness can cause hormonal disorders which effect the milk production.
  • Usage of pacifiers: regularly using pacifiers can also effect milk production.

These were some of the factors that can affect your milk production but you must know that babies lose weight after few days of their birth. At the time of birth they have excessive fluids in their tissues to hold on until mother has milk. So, in the first few days they lose 5 to 7% of their weight as they are excreting the excessive fluid from their body. It is important that you ask about the discharge weight of your body so that you can calculate whether your body is healthy or not. If he/she is losing extra weight then it is either some medical condition or is not getting enough milk. And it is the time when you have to ponder on how to increase breast milk flow.

Suggestions for how to increase breast milk flow:

Are you having issues with your milk flow? Do you want to know how to increase breast milk flow? If yes, then you are at the right place. We will suggest you with some natural as well as other methods to boost breast milk.

  • Monitor baby’s weight: keep a check on the baby’s weight. Generally the longer you have low milk supply the longer will it take to get to normal. Try to take help as soon as you know about it and the best way to know about it is by monitoring your baby’s weight.
  • Take care of yourself: while you are nursing your child it is important that you are in good health. You have to take care of yourself and have to make sure that you don’t take any stress while you are breast feeding your child.
  • Nursing frequently: make a habit of nursing for child for at least 8 times in 24 hours. This will not only help your child maintain his/her health but will also increase you milk flow.
  • Using both breasts: while you are feeding your child make sure that you are using both breasts. Try to monitor your child, if he is nursing vigorously and after some time slows down, it is time to switch your breasts. This practice will help your baby get enough milk and you will also get stimulation on both breasts.
  • Massaging the breasts: while you are nursing your child, make sure that you are gently massaging your breasts. This will provide your baby with more milk and will get high calorie hind milk.
  • Using proper breast feeding techniques: If you have become mother for the first time, you must be aware of the nursing techniques. It will benefit both mother and child.
  • Using supplements: after years of research doctors have come up with a supplement that can boost breast milk. These supplements are safe to use and also helps in producing the desired amount of milk.

There were few techniques that you can use while you are thinking on how to increase breast milk flow. If you have decided to use supplements as they are safe to use and also an easy method then you can visit the official website of boost breast milk (boostbreastmilk) and can order these supplements. They are making sure that all these supplements are made from the natural ingredients and are safe to use.

The use of these milk production supplements will help your child get all the nutrients and live a healthy life without depending upon any medicines. So, new mothers should try this supplement today and get benefitted from it.