How to Increase Breast Milk Supply

Most of the nursing mothers usually worried about how to increase breast milk supply but the first thing all mothers have to confirm that is their milk supply is low or not. Most new mothers who are nursing for the very first time usually worried and think that their body is not producing enough milk for their baby. It is one of the most common reasons that many mothers give up breastfeeding. Good news for all mothers is that nearly all mothers are capable of making enough milk for their baby.

By keeping track of their baby weight gain is one of the best way of telling that their baby is getting enough milk. It’s a natural process that all the newborn babies first take a little dip in their body weight which means they probably lost nearly five to ten percent of their body weight in their first few days. After few days when the newborn babies start feeding well, they start gaining weight again. Your baby will most likely start growing again if your baby is weighed when he is between five to seven days.

In some cases of caesarean or even in the stressful baby birth, milk takes slightly longer to come in. In these cases, babies start to regain weight a little later than other babies. Most babies start to gain their birth weight when they become two weeks old.

How to know that baby is getting enough breast milk supply or not?

Nursing mothers who are worried how to increase breast milk supply first confirm that is their baby is getting enough milk or not? To confirm this, there are some ways that tell you if your baby is thriving too. By the end of the first week, you can be reassured that your baby is getting enough breast milk if yes then:

  • If your baby is getting enough breast milk than he wets at least diapers a day.
  • Your baby looks alert and healthy too.
  • Your baby also does two substantial runny or soft poos of yellowish color each day.

At this stage, the poos of your baby should change to mustard color from the sticky black me-conium. You may think that you are not producing enough breast milk if:

  • Your breasts feel less full or you feel weaker your letdown reflex. But this point doesn’t mean you are not producing enough breast milk for your baby as it just a sign that your body is just adjusting you according to feeding needs of your baby.
  • From your nipples the milk stops leaking this can may be a sign that you are not producing enough breast milk. In the early days of nursing, this can usually happen your body is trying to adjust according to the baby’s feeding pattern.
  • If your baby seems to want more milk than the usual routine then this may also be the sign of low breast milk supply. But you don’t need to be a worry as it could be a growth spurt. Make sure that your baby is latching on well and while breastfeeding tries to change the positions just to make sure that your baby is able to feed comfortably.
  • If the feeds of your baby have become shorter than it may be the sigh of low milk supply but some of the babies become faster and more efficient at breastfeeding so in few days of change you can’t think that you are not producing enough milk for your baby. So don’t assume that you are not satisfying your baby when in reality your baby is filling his yummy quickly.

Causes of low Breast Milk Supply:

Your breast can produce enough milk that matches the demands of your baby. The more your baby can feed, the more you become able to produce breast milk. So if you are worried how to increase breast milk then try to feed their baby more. If the breastfeeding is disturbed then it is possible that your milk supply could be dip and the major reasons of this are:

  • Mothers can face the problem of low milk supply when the feeding hurts when nipples are sore.
  • When you are topping up your baby with or formula or giving your baby a dummy, it can cut the amount of time that your baby spends at your breast within each 24 hours.
  • Rather than feeding your baby on his demand you are trying to feed on a four-hourly routine.

Some medical conditions can also sometimes become the reason of low milk supply like:

  • If the mothers have a hormonal disorder, and if their thyroid level becomes low.
  • Any breast injury or breast surgery in the past also cause low milk supply.
  • When during or after labor if you lost a large amount of blood and until you recover the supply of your breast milk may be affected.

These are some reasons that may become the cause of low milk supply.

How to increase breast milk supply?

Nursing mothers who are actually worried how to increase breast milk supply could try following these tips. It can help them in improving the supply of breast milk for their baby.

  • The first key and tip for nursing mothers who actually want to increase breast milk supply will try to let their baby breastfeed on demand and also for as long as the baby wants to. Before offering the second breast, allow the baby to finish the first one.
  • Only give your baby breast milk when he wants. By topping him up with a bottle of formula may be tempting so if you can satisfy the hunger of your baby with formula then the baby will need less breast milk and in this way you won’t produce enough breast milk.
  • Do not try to give a dummy to tour baby.
  • After each feed, try expressing your milk and by removing the leftover milk in your breast will help to produce more breast milk supply.
  • Try to nurse your baby skin to skin which means when you breastfeed your baby take off your bra and shirt and keep the baby in a just diaper. Around the two of you just wrap a blanket and nurse away. By doing this, can help you to release more hormones that can produce milk and also the milk ejector hormones. Try to continue this practice during bedtime or nap time and even throughout the night.
  • In the whole time period of nursing, watch your diet and make sure you are drinking a lot of liquids. For a healthy nutrition’s eat galacatagogues more like quinoa, millet, oatmeal, barley, and spices like ginger, turmeric, and fennel. These can help to increase breast milk supply. Sesame seeds, brewer’s yeast, almonds, flaxseed, can also help to boost breast milk supply. Increase the amount of these nutrition’s in your diet as it can help all the nursing mothers to increase the supply of breast milk.
  • When you feed your baby, switch breasts or double feed is also healthy for those who are worried that how to increase breast milk supply. If the baby falls asleep before reaching to the second breast than stop feeding for few minutes and then switches the baby to another side. You have a good shot by doing so at keeping the awake to feed more. When you notice that the baby starts to doze off until the breasts are drained, keep the baby switching back and forth.

Will low breast milk supply affect the baby?

Your baby will grow more slowly as compare to other babies if your baby often needs more milk than he gets in usual. If you see that your baby isn’t gaining weight then call your doctor and make an appointment right away with your doctor. Follow the above-mentioned techniques to increase the breast milk supply; these can surely help you to increase the breast milk supply.

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