How to Increase Milk Supply

Most of the women who become a mother for the very first time often see the problems like, how to increase milk supply? When they nurse the first time they don’t know how to manage all that. For nursing mothers, it’s a key tip to remember three B’s of breastfeeding which are the brain, the breast and the baby. In order to increase the supply of breast milk, from the baby your breast needs more stimulation and making that happen will just require some sort of adjustments in your brain. You just have to make breastfeeding a priority if you want to know how to increase milk supply of your breast milk.

  1. You have to Increase the Frequency of feeding: The best solution of how to increase milk supply is to breastfeed your baby at least after every two hours in the whole day as it can help to increase the supply of breast milk. Wake up your baby for a feeding if your baby has been napping for more than two hours. If you have a baby who sleeps for more than three to five hours stretch at night, consider waking your baby for at least one extra night feeding, too.
  2. Don’t wait for so long for your breast to fill up: For the baby, there is always milk in your breasts and while you feed more milk is made. According to the study, when the time between feedings is shorter the fat levels in milk are higher. This means, few minutes after the last feeding when you offer the breast again, your baby is getting a high fat milk which will beneficial for them to gain weight.
  3. More often, offer the Breast: As breastfeeding is based on the law of supply and demand which means the production of milk implies on the demand of milk of your baby when they need. Yet, this cannot work in all cases. Some babies, especially the sleepy babies or babies with mellow personalities, many not frequently breastfeed as they need to without their mother doing a bit of prodding. You need to give your baby more frequent opportunities of breastfeeding and you also need to take the lead if this can sound exactly like your baby. In order to give more frequent feedings and to stimulate it for longer, you have to give your baby sling feeding, skin to skin contact and nap and night nursing.
  4. Nurse your baby for longer: Mothers who are worried that how to increase milk supply will try to nurse their baby for longer. On each side, if you do not limit the length of your baby’s feedings to a predetermined number of minutes then the supply of increasing breast milk will be helped. When you feed your baby, before switching to the other side first allow the baby to finish the first breast. By the milk-ejection reflex, this can give your baby an opportunity to fill up on the high fat and healthy hindmilk brought down. If you immediately switch your baby to the second side then he will fill up on the watery foremilk, which may feel fill their tummy but do not give them enough calories to grow healthy.
  5. Prefer Switch Nursing: This is the advice for those mothers who are searching for ways how to increase milk supply. As mentioned above, first finish the first side and then move on to the second side. For a longer period of time switch, a nursing process will encourage your baby to suck more vigorously so that he gets more high-fat and creamier hindmilk until the intensity of his swallow and suck diminishes you let the baby feed on the first breast. Before the baby drifts off into the comfort sucking, sit the baby up and then switch him to the other side so that the baby nurse actively again. When the sucking of baby slows down to go back again to the first side and finally finish feeding on the other side.
  6. By double-nursing, you can also increase milk supply: You can also increase the supply of breast milk by double-nursing as this is an alternative to switching nursing. When you feed your baby and it seems that baby is done with feeding then hold or carry the baby upright and make him stay awake for 10 to 20 minutes and also allow trapped air bubbles to be burped up. Like the process of switch nursing, double-nursing can stimulate more milk ejection reflexes and it is also calorie content, thus this process will beneficial for increasing the supply of breast milk.
  7. During Feedings, Undress your baby: Skin to skin contact stimulates less enthusiastic feeders and helps awaken sleepy babies. During the feedings, undress your baby down to his diapers. Take off your bra and wear a shirt in order to maximize the skin contact. Place a blanket around the back of baby in order to prevent baby from getting chilled.
  8. Night Nurse and the Nap: One of the most powerful that helps you how to increase milk supply is to take your baby to bed and then nurse. This can help to relax both you and your baby and it can also stimulate more frequent and longer nursing’s. This is one of the best ways that can increase your milk producing hormones.
  9. Sling Feed Process: Between the feedings, wear your baby in a baby sling even also when your baby is napping. In fact, on the move some babies feed more often and better.
  10. Get yourself focused on increasing the supply of your Breast Milk: If you are really focused on how to increase milk supply then you have to make breastfeeding a priority and to take extra care of yourself also. When you are feeding your baby then let go of all other responsibilities for a while.
  11. Do not prefer any bottles or pacifiers: All of your baby’s sucking should be done directly from the breast when there are concerns about the weight gain of your baby. Bottles of formula will interfere with the balance between the baby’s need and your milk supply so with a pacifier you will satisfy baby’s sucking need. Try alternatives to those bottles or pacifiers that can not involve artificial nipples, as it is medically necessary to give your baby a supplementary feedings.
  12. Try some healthy herbs to increase the supply of milk: According to the study and research there is no scientific study that shows clearly that certain herbs will help you to increase the supply of breast milk, but some lactation consultants and mothers believe that certain herbs can help to stimulate your body to make more milk. For more frequent nursing’s as ways to increase the supply of milk remember that an herbal tea or some other concoction cannot substitute.
  13. Get help from a Professional: if you are worried about how to increase the milk supply, contact your professional lactation consultant so that she will help you in a better way and gives you some healthy tips or precaution that are helpful in increasing the supply of breast milk. Or you can also visit boostbreastmilk where you can read the articles written by professionals on how to increase milk supply.
  14. Get some Breast Massage: By giving right touch to your breast can help trigger your MER, especially when your nipples are sore, breasts are engorged and your baby is impatient. The right and proper way to give yourself breast massage is to apply a warm compress on your breast, such a warm cloth or towel that is soaked in warm water. By using a light feather touch with your fingertips stroke from the top of the breast to downwards and over the nipples. This can help to stimulate your oxytocin and gives you relaxation. When examining your breast, use the similar motion to massage the ducts and milk-producing glands by pressing the breast firmly with the fingers into the chest wall. Start this massage from the top and working in a spiral down towards the areola. Before moving on to another spot, massage in a circular motion by giving a few strokes at a time. Gently shake your breast while leaning forward, allowing the gravity to encourage the stimulation of milk release.
  15.    Believe in the system of nature: if your baby is sucking effectively and you are nursing often enough so it means you will make enough milk. These are very rare cases in which mother is unable to produce enough milk for the baby. Through the pregnancy, your body nourished this baby so there is no reason for mothers to think that they won’t succeed at breastfeeding.

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