Methods to Increase Breast Milk Production

Nearly at one time all the nursing mothers worry about whether their babies are getting enough milk or not. Since the way we can formula intake, we can’t measure the breast milk intake so it is easy to be insecure about the adequacy of our milk supplies. In the early introduction of supplements or solids or for weaning, the perception of insufficient breast milk production is one of the most common reasons that mostly mothers can give. Although there are extremely rare cases and a very small percentage of women who can’t produce enough milk no matter what they do. For a mother, it is even more unusual not to be able to produce any milk for their baby. Even in the case if mothers have to supplement with formula, they can almost always produce some milk for their baby.

When the nursing mothers are searching for the ways to increase breast milk production, the first thing they have to determine whether the supply of their breast milk is really low or not. Some mothers have unrealistic expectations and feel and they think that they must not have enough milk if their baby was sleeping through the night weeks or the baby is not on a three-hour schedule. For a nursing mother, there is a tendency to blame everything on their breast milk like if the baby is gassy or spits up they think that it must be something she ate if some day he feeds more than unusual then they think it must be because of the reason they are not producing enough milk so be careful not to get into the habit of blaming everything your baby does to nursing. All babies even breastfeed or formula have some easy days and some laid back and also some cranky and fussy days. Often the behavior of your baby is not at all related to breastfeeding.

Some major factors that are actually the cause of low breast milk supply includes not getting an enough sucking stimulation, being separated from scheduling breastfeeding or from your baby, by limiting the amount of time that your baby spends at the breast, if the mothers are under a lot of stress or sick, usage of pacifiers or the formula supplementation, pain may inhibit your letdown reflex if your nipples are very sore, some medical conditions like yeast infection, tongue tie, and inverted or flat nipples, any breast surgery, by taking pills for combination birth control, etc. These are some common reasons that actually become the cause of low breast milk supply, but nursing mothers don’t need to worry about it as there are many methods that can help to increase breast milk production which are:

  • Often Monitor the Weight of your Baby: Especially in the early days and weeks of your baby after birth monitor their weight. In general, it will take so long to build it back up if the longer your supply has been low. Before the weight gain becomes a big concern, get a help early. Almost in all the cases, once a healthy baby starts gaining weight, he won’t lose it suddenly unless there is an underlying medical problem with the baby or with the mother.
  • Mothers can take extra care of their selves: All the nursing mothers, especially who become a mother for the very first time should take care of herself and try to eat healthily and to drink enough fluids. If you are already drinking enough to keep your urine clear any you are also not constipated then you need yourself to force on fluids. Drink to thrust or as usual drink 6 to 8 glasses of water a day. Your diet may not have to be perfect, but you have to eat enough in order to keep yourself from being tired. Mostly the mothers get so overwhelmed with their baby care they forgot to drink and eat enough for their self. While you are on nursing, do not try to diet especially in the beginning while you are establishing your breast milk supply. While you are lactating you need minimum 1800 calories every day to feed well your baby. You will easily more weight if you eat high-quality foods and limit sweets and fats in your diet than a mother who is already formula feeding even without depriving herself.
  • Try to nurse for as long as your will nurse: If you want to increase breast milk production then try to breastfeed your baby for as long as your baby will nurse. In 24 hours try to get in a minimum of 8 feedings and even more than this if possible.
  • At each feeding, offer both breasts: Watch your baby as he nurse and try the process of switch nursing. For a few minutes, he will nurse vigorously and then start swallowing less and slowing down often. For a long time, he may continue this lazy sucking and when you try to switch sides he may be too tired to take the other breast. So, as soon as the baby slows down sucking try to switch him to the other breast even if it only has been feeding for a couple of minutes. Until you have offered each breast twice, do the same thing on the other breast and then let the baby nurse for as long as he wants to nurse. This process of switch nursing will ensure that the baby is getting more of the higher calorie hindmilk and also ensure that both breasts receive an adequate stimulation.
  • As you Nurse, try to gently massage your breast: This is another effective way that will help you to increase breast milk production. By gently massaging your breast while you nurse will help the high calorie and rich hindmilk to let down more efficiently. Using breast compression help your baby to get more milk as it is an easy, simple and effective way. When the flow of breast milk slows down then usually the newborn babies will often fall asleep at the breast even they haven’t got enough to eat. Once the baby starts falling asleep at the breast, the breast compression helps to continue the flow of milk so in this way the baby gets more hindmilk.
  • Nursing Mothers make sure that they are using proper techniques of breastfeeding: by following proper techniques of breastfeeding also helps to increase breast milk production so it’s effective for nursing mothers to check their positioning just to make sure that the baby is latching on properly. The baby will not able to compress the breast milk sinuses effectively if the areola is not far enough back in the baby’s mouth in order to release the milk.
  • For increasing Breast Milk Production, Avoid bottles and pacifiers: In order to increase the breast milk production one important thing is that your baby’s sucking needs to be met directly at the breast. Avoids bottles and pacifiers as much as you can and if your baby needs to be supplemented try to use a syringe, cup or the tube feeding system especially in the early days when the baby is under 2 weeks old as compared to older babies who are already well established at breastfeeding.
  • Consider renting a breast pump of a hospital grade: unless you have a good quality double pump at home, for a few days you can rent a hospital grade breast pump. As we all know hospital grade breast pumps have more powerful motors and are strong and most efficient pumps. These pumps are not portable as they are bigger and heavier as compare to other pumps. Using Breast pumps are also beneficial to increase breast milk production.
  • The best way to increase the breast milk supply by using a pump: After you nurse your baby, one of the best way to increase the breast milk production or supply is by using a breast pump and to double pump for 5 to 10 minutes after you feed your baby and do this for at least 8 times a day. Unless your nipples are very sore, try to set the pump on maximum. On higher suction settings, most of the pumps work better and quickly.
  • Certain foods that may help to increase breast milk production: It’s important to rule out other problems before you use any of these foods like illness in the baby or mother. For many years some herbals supplements have been used to increase breast milk production that are fenugreek, red raspberry, blesses thistle, and brewer yeast.
  • Increase breast milk production with supplements: Boost milk enhancer is also a beneficial supplement that helps to increase breast milk production. This supplement is different from all other milk enhancers available in the market as it is 100% natural and made from herbs. Most of the users not only use this supplement for short-term use but also for the long-term use as it is healthy and natural milk boosting supplement. You can only get this supplement from its official website and to order this supplement you can visit boostbreastmilk