Tips to Increase Breast Milk

Most of the mothers, when they start nursing feel that they are not producing enough breast milk for their little one to satisfy their needs. In most cases, these fears are usually wrong or based on false alarms like a natural appetite growth or shorter nursing plans. When breastfeeding, these are natural scenarios that many mothers experience. If your baby is not gaining enough weight or in the worse cases if the baby is losing weight then there is a need to increase the breast milk production. Here are few tips to increase breast milk and by following these tips you will be able to produce more breast milk naturally. The first tips to Increase Breast Milk production is.

  1. In a whole day, make a habit of consuming a minimum 1800 calories and while you are lactating drink at least 6 glasses of fluids. Dieting is not good for the lactating mothers so avoid dieting in your nursing time period as it could be decreasing your milk production. Unsurprisingly, what you eat has a great impact on the quantity and quality of your breast milk that you produced. About the diet and about your breast milk there are some tips and guidelines to remember which are given below:
  • As you know that a good and healthy diet has a great effect on the production of breast milk so here is the first tip to increase breast milk is to find the excellent sources of calcium and add a good amount of calcium in your diet. Calcium in your diet can help your baby’s little bones to grow strong and healthier. All the dairy products contain a good amount of calcium and the leafy green vegetables and certain fishes such as salmon and sardines also contain calcium.
  • Eat a good quantity of vegetables and fruits and make them a big part of your diet because they are packed with minerals, fiber and vitamins.
  • Also, add complex carbohydrates in your diet, these are much healthier than the processed carbs. Complex carbs include whole grain pasta, brown rice, bread as well as beans also.
  • Add some lean meals also in your diet because it is better than the fatty cuts. It includes fish, thin skinless chicken breast, soy products like tofu and low-fat dairy products.
  1. To increase your breast milk, consult your doctor about using herbal supplements or prescription. A healthy tip to increase breast milk is to add some herbal supplements in your diet that includes red raspberry, blessed thistle, and fenugreek. These are beneficial for nursing mothers to treat the low milk production. It is an easy and natural way with which you can easily increase the production of your breast milk.
  2. Through pumping, add supplement feedings: For the two main reasons, pumping is beneficial. First of all, it allows you to store some breast milk for your baby especially when the baby doesn’t need it, allowing you to store and amass more expressed milk. The second benefit of pumping is that it can stimulate the production of more breast milk. Here are some tips to increase breast milk through pumping can given below.
  • Buy a pump of high quality so invest well for buying a good quality pump. It pays to invest in one that works well because pumping is not exactly the spice of life. If you don’t own a good quality pump double pump then you can also rent a hospital grade pump.
  • Whether you are at home or at work, consider pumping the breast milk every couple of hours for 15 minutes. You can also pump after nursing for just 5 to 10 minutes. During a 24 hour period, pumping at least 8 times will help you to quickly increase the production of breast milk. Try to pump halfway in between feedings if you can’t pump immediately after feeding your baby.
  • At the same time pump both breasts. Pumping both breasts at the same time will give you twice as much milk as fast in addition to helping stimulate more production of breast milk.
  1. Whenever you are trying to make more breast milk, limit the use of pacifiers and bottles: A healthy tip to increase breast milk production or supply is avoided bottles and pacifiers and make sure that all the sucking needs of your baby are met directly at the breast. Without losing important breast stimulation, it will be easier for the baby to go back and forth from breast to pacifier as the baby gets older. For supplementing if you are using bottles then try to replace the bottle with any spoon or syringe.
  2. You can also use Boost – Breast milk enhancer and Lactation supplements to increase the production of milk. These supplements guarantee an increase up to 86% in your daily milk production. Most of the mothers also prefer these supplements for the long-term use because these supplements are healthy and made from all 100% natural herbs and don not have any known side effects. To get the details of Boost – Breast Milk Enhancer and Lactation Supplements you can visit boostbreastmilk.

Here is the second set of tips to Increase Breast Milk during breastfeeding. Effective and beneficial tips to increase breast milk production or supply during the breastfeeding are given below:

  1. Mothers should relax their self during breastfeeding. A lot of stress can also affect the production of breast milk to its important to relax when you breastfeed your baby. By playing some soothing music, just having a moment with the love of your life or by looking at the pictures that produce happiness you can try to relax before breastfeeding or pumping.
  • You can also massage your breasts or try putting warm compresses on your breasts for a short period right before you intended to breastfeed your baby or even pump.
  1. For as long as your baby wants, allow him to nurse frequently: It is one of the key tips to increase breast milk to nurse you baby frequently for as long as your baby wants to nurse. The more milk your body makes if the more often your breasts is stimulated. In 24 hours a day at least 8 feedings is ideal and you can do even more feedings if possible. To increase the production of your breast milk allows the baby to feed on demand if you normally feed on a set schedule.
  2. during the breastfeeding, to stimulate the skin to skin contact practice undressing your baby: Here is another healthy tip to increase breast milk by practice undressing your baby to stimulate the skin to skin contact with your baby during breastfeeding.
  • Down to diaper, undress your baby and so that your baby doesn’t get cold drape a blanket over the back of your baby.
  • Wear a loose shirt and take off your bra, make sure to wear a shirt that can be unbuttoned on the front so that skin to skin contact promoted easily.
  1.  You can also try sling feedings during breastfeeding. Keep your baby close to the ultimate food supply and wearing a sling should encourage your baby to feast more frequently. Some babies tend to feed for long and more frequently when move.
  2. At every feeding, offer both breasts to let your baby know to make more breast milk production: Here is another tip to increase breast milk production by offering both breasts at every feeding. As soon as your baby slows down switch breasts. If you offer each breast twice and can switch again then it’s best during a single feeding session. Until your baby falls asleep or detaches let the baby nurse as long as possible.
  3. Take nurse vacation to increase breast milk production: take your baby to bed with you take a vacation for a day or two and so nothing but only nurse your baby when the urge hits your baby. Hit other monthly duties but, of course, you can go to the bathroom and kitchen, but make sure that this vacation is only for you and your little one.
  •    Take advantage of nap nursing, during this nursing vacation which is exactly what it sounds like sleeping with your little one ever close to his favorite food. This vacation can give enough time to the baby and mother to relax. It is a healthy tip to increase breast milk production and it can also increase the stimulation of your milk producing hormones.

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