What to eat to increase Breast Milk

When the mothers start breastfeeding their baby it’s quite normal to worry about the production or supply of breast milk. You are not alone who are facing this problem. Many mothers are worried about this problem whether their baby is getting enough breast milk or not to meet the growing needs. If your baby is growing along his growth curve and putting on weight then it is the best indication for all mothers that they are producing enough breast milk. It’s normal in the first few days; every newborn to lose weight, but three to five days after birth baby starts to put on weight again. By the baby when babies become 14 days old they usually go back on their birth’s weight.

Here are some signs that show your baby is getting enough breast milk any you don’t need to be worry about the production of your milk.

  • If breastfeeding feels painless and comfortable.
  • In a day, if your baby is feed at least six to eight times and after a feed your baby is content.
  • If your breasts feel softer and emptier after your baby feeds.
  • While you are feeding your baby, you can hear and see the swallows of your baby.
  • When the baby finished breastfeeding, your baby comes off your breast spontaneously.
  • In 24 hours, your baby at least seven times passes urine and the stool of your baby is yellowish in color with little lumps of what looks like cured milk.

These are the major signs that show your baby is healthy and gaining enough milk from his mother. But in the case if you are suspected low breast milk supply then the actual problem is not about how much milk you have but depends on the quantity of milk that your baby is able to get at. The baby will be able to effectively extract the breast milk you have if your baby latches on well. It is best to speak to your doctor if your baby is not gaining weight or in the case you feel you are not producing enough breast milk. Mothers who are worry about the low milk supply can also take Boost – Breast milk Enhancer and Lactation supplement as they are healthy and 100% natural supplements. You can get details about this supplement from boostbreastmilk.

It’s also a common belief that certain foods also help to increase the production of breast milk, as most of the mothers usually worried what to eat to increase breast milk. Here are is the lists of some foods are given below that are commonly believed to increase the breast milk production.

  1. Cumin seeds: Nursing mothers who are worried what to eat to increase breast milk will add cumin seeds in their diet as they boost the supply of breast milk. Make sure to have cumin seeds in moderation, though.
  • Cumin seeds are one of the best fat-burner and appetizers.
  • Like acidity, cumin seeds help to avoid digestive irritants.
  • Add a pinch of cumin powder to buttermilk or plain milk and drink it daily.
  1. Black Sesame Seeds: black sesame seeds also help to increase the breast milk supply as they are a rich source of calcium.
  • Use them in a limited quantity.
  • Add in your diet by blending them with almonds, milk and sugar.
  1. Asparagus: when to think about what to eat to increase breast milk then don’t forget the addition of asparagus in your diet. For nursing mothers, asparagus is considered a must have food.
  • Asparagus is a high fiber food.
  • It is also rich in vitamin K and vitamin A.
  • They are essential for lactation because it helps to stimulate the hormones in nursing mothers.
  • First wash the asparagus and then chop it and boil with milk. For the better milk production strains the milk and drink daily.
  1. Brown Rice: Nursing mothers who are worried about what to eat to increase breast milk can add brown rice in their diet.
  • Brown Rice contains certain chemicals that help to normalize the sleep pattern and mood swings.
  • It also helps to increase the appetite.
  • It contains hormone stimulants which help to boost the breast milk production.
  • Instead of white rice make a habit to opt for brown rice.
  • It can also help to maintain sugar levels in the blood.
  1. Fats and Oils: In your diet, it is recommended to keep a minimum amount of oils and fats in post pregnancy.
  • In your post delivery diet, do not avoid oils and fats.
  • Oils and fats are considered as an essential part of lactation. Oils and fats assist in the absorption of minerals and vitamins you eat in other foods.
  • Oils and fats also aid in the easy bowel movement.
  • In balancing the supply of healthy fats to your newborn baby, they can also help.
  1. Apricots: Add some apricots in the diet of nursing mothers if they are looking for what to eat to increase breast milk. They are also healthy in during and post pregnancy diet as there are hormonal imbalances that can take place in your body during pregnancy. In your body, dried apricots help to balance out the imbalanced hormone levels.
  • Apricots help to boost lactation because they are rich in fiber and calcium.
  • In your oatmeal diet, you can add some walnuts and apricots to make it healthy.
  1. Cow Milk: Cow milk also promotes lactation in nursing mothers especially in those who are facing low milk production or supply. It is healthy because it contains a high amount of Essential Fatty Acids and Calcium.
  • In your everyday diet, add at least 2 to 3 glasses of fresh cow milk.
  • As a necessary ingredient, opt for cow’s milk.
  1. Dill Leaves: Dill leaves look like a fine silky hair, with dark green color and have a distinct odor.
  • Dill leaves are specifically believed to boost the production or supply of milk.
  • They contain Vitamin K and high fiber content. During delivery, dill leaves help to replenish the lost blood.
  • In your seasoned yogurt or pancakes, you can add dill leaves.
  1. Drumstick: Drumstick contain a high calcium content and high amount iron that is why it is healthy in the diet of nursing mothers who are looking for what to eat to increase breast milk.
  • Drumstick is considered good for lactation.
  • It also enhances your nervous system and boosts the immunity.
  • If you want, you can take it steamed with flavoring.
  • Along with the vegetable fillings, drumstick leaves can also be used.
  • Poppy Seeds: during lactation, it is important for nursing mothers to rest or relax completely. Poppy seeds contain some sedative properties that can help the nursing mothers to calm down and relax.
  • Add poppy seeds in the diet of nursing mothers but take caution to take it in minimum quantity.
  • While nursing, poppy seeds help relax your body and mind.
  • To add poppy seeds in your porridges and puddings, you can roast it.
  1. Water and Juices: Drinking enough water and fresh juices can help to boost the lactation. It can simply allow an increase in your total milk volume per feed.
  • It replaces the fluid lost during lactation and prevents you from dehydration.
  • When you are thirsty have a glass of water and even also before you begin to nurse your little one.
  1. Almonds: Add a good amount of almonds in the diet of nursing mothers who are looking for what to eat to increase breast milk. Almonds contain a high amount of Vitamin E and Omega-3 and are good to boost the production of Breast Milk.
  • Vitamin E in Almonds help to heal itching that is caused stretch marks of post pregnancy.
  • Omega-3 in Almonds helps the lactation boosting hormones to produce more breast milk.
  • You can simply add in a bowl of oatmeal.
  • For the greater effects, you can also add crushed almonds in a glass of milk.

All these foods are considered to beneficial and effective for nursing mothers who are worried what to eat to increase breast milk and with the addition of these foods in your diet you can naturally boost the production of breast milk.

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